insight yoga and radical inclusiveness – learning to befriend our inner critics – part 1


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Join Sarah Powers in this 4-week series of yin yoga, meditation, and inquiry methods for working with judgmental inner parts.
Each week we will begin with a 20-minute meditation session, followed by yin yoga poses and psychological inquiry. During the physical practice we will learn about and work with our own inner voices that often feel heavy handed, oppressive, unkind, cruel, or just hard to hear. Sarah will draw from the wisdom of the Internal Family Systems model which allows us to assume we have one mind, yet many parts within us with multiple perspectives, moods, and body correlates. Developing deep listening as well as compassionate curiosity for any aspect of our system encourages not only insight and at times relief, but also a more enlivened and integrated body/mind/spirit in which to relate to others from. Each of the four weeks we will focus on the parts within us that feel judgmental (often referred to as the inner critic), turning towards our felt experience and listening to their hidden messages with an interest in radical inclusivity by befriending even the most difficult aspects of our psyche.

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meditation, yin


Sarah Powers

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03/04/2021, 10/04/2021, 17/04/2021, 24/04/2021