online workshop: acuyin and the five elements, a series of 6 workshops


A series of 6 acuyin workshops on each of the five elements and on the extraordinary meridian lines.  Jo Phee is a first generation student of Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers. Jo is widely known as the expert in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) within the realms of yin yoga and she is the first teacher to create a Chinese medicine module within her yin yoga programs. Jo is passionate about the transformative power of Chinese medicine, having grown up with TCM as her primary healing modality from a young age. In this workshop series Jo will be teaching you about the importance of balancing the five elements that TCM theory says exist within in the body, in order to create an internal environment of optimum health. Each meridian line and yin/yang organ pair is associated with an element in TCM. Jo has pioneered the powerful combination of acupressure and yin, to encourage a supercharged flow of chi within the body that is not achievable through yin or acupressure alone. As Jo says, all theories are useless you can experience them for yourself.  Join if you are curious about the unique experience of acuyin. The series includes a bonus workshop on the extraordinary meridians.

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Jo Phee

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04/10/2020, 11/10/2020, 18/10/2020, 25/10/2020, 27/09/2020