pulse and vibration in the spiritual heart



The heart is the epicenter for feeling in the body and in yoga the “cave” of the heart is an enduring centre for silence and serenity. In this class we investigate the heart and its cover, the pericardium, in both Chinese Medicine and yoga. In practice, we generate reverberating sound to attune the heart to ever deepening spiritual rhythms and we practice movements and pranayamas to increase the heart’s vibrational power. Intonations within the heart are described as waves, trembles, shudders and quivers. In this class we use contemplation and meditation to support all feeling in the heart, ranging from grief and pain to ecstasy and joy.
what the workshop involves:
– 15 minutes of meditation with pranayama
– Short lecture with slides to illustrate the nadis, fascia, and circulation through the heart and the lungs.
– Chinese medicine acupressure point overview
– Poetry + chanting relating to the spiritual heart.
This workshop is for all levels. Including yoga teachers, meditators, and students interested in somatic work.

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meditation, yoga


Tias Little

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