secrets of the hamstrings: theory + practice


If you’re familiar with basic yoga poses and would like to learn how to use them safely and healthily – and how to progress in your asana practice as well as find relief from the aches, pains and limitations of everyday life – then this workshop is for you!

The format of this workshop is designed to maximise accessibility: if you’re injured or have another limitation, you can explore the theory, or you may wish to just take the practice. Doug will share straightforward, immediately useful insights into working productively with one of our most challenging and nuanced muscles groups.

Hamstrings are commonly stubbornly tight but can also be overly flexible, leading to joint instability and pain; whatever our hamstring challenges, how we work with these muscles can affect our feet, knees and lower back. This enquiry-based workshop will explore the hamstrings and their impact on the rest of the body, and offer strategies for dealing with our individual challenges in yoga practice and poses. Balanced with a guided practice addressing both tight and very flexible hamstrings, it will teach you how to both release and stabilise these muscles and the joints they act upon.

You’ll receive a balance of learning and practice, beginning with a lecture segment – a user-friendly treatment of just how the hamstrings function, how to release them whilst protecting your knees and lower back in the process, and how to apply these principles in asana practice. The emphasis will be on practical application – how they work in different classes of poses, and how an experiential understanding of these ideas helps to work productively with inflexibility as well as joint instability. We’ll then put all of this into practice in a well-rounded, all-levels asana segment that will bring novel insights to familiar poses.

Welcoming everyone but of particular interest to teachers and trainees, this workshop will teach you to explore your asana practice from new angles.



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