yoga for neurological and autoimmune disorders


Clinical trials have shown that yoga can benefit those living with neurological and autoimmune related conditions, and improve the symptoms associated with them. Garth was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1996, and successfully manages his course of MS and a hectic schedule with a daily practice of Iyengar Yoga. 
In this two part workshop, we address some common symptoms associated with MS and other neurological (such as Parkinsons, Stroke), and autoimmune disorders. 
part 1 – 
Offers a brief insight to the various stages of MS, (pathology, prognoses) which can be especially helpful for yoga teachers when working with students with MS and other neurological and autoimmune disorders.
In a led asana practice that follows, Garth will underscore principles to keep in mind while offering an approach to practicing accessible asanas that may help to relieve commonly presented neurological symptoms, while enhancing balance and mobility.
part 2 – 
Drawing on principles presented in Day 1, based on his experience of living with MS since 1996, Garth shares strategies through a sensible, accessible approach to asana in order to safely progress toward more intermediate and advanced asanas that help to enhance strength, mobility and stability, while simultaneously keeping the body stable, the nervous system supported, and the mind quiet, calm and ultimately refreshed.
who is it for?
The workshop is open to interested yoga practitioners of all levels, persons with MS and other neurological challenges*,  carers / health practitioners working with people with MS and neurological challenges, and yoga teachers/yoga therapists**.
*Due to the nature of the online format, the workshop is open to those who can independently self transfer to the floor or to a folding chair or similar.
**This is an International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) Approved Professional Development (APD) workshop. Participants who attend the live Q&A on Saturday are eligible for an APD certificate of completion, which we will email to you the week following the workshop. 

Suggested pre-reading:

Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis, A Practical Guide for People with MS and Yoga Teachers by Garth McLean. Link to book on amazon:

Please have access to: a sticky mat, 3 blankets, 2 bricks, a belt (or a towel), a bolster (pillows or a sofa cushion also works), wall space (in front of a locked door also works), a folding chair.
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Garth McLean

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27/03/2021, 28/03/2021